Boss Hard Shell Rooftop Tent

The Boss is literally "The Boss." An Australian made tent, it sits at the top of the heap in quality of finish and bang for buck. This tent is about as high spec as we've seen, standard inclusions like inner spring mattress, LED strip lighting, aero mesh, and tig-welded chassis, fully insulated body and retractable outriggers are another level all round. It is early days - but we've managed to add a short "sneak peak" for you (Its our workshop unboxing).

A tent for the guy that's got to have the best. Its so nice it may make 'camping' possible for even the biggest of sooks! Why not? You only live once!!

Boss Tent Dimensions:

Dimensions: 2383.6mm long x 1512.7mm wide

Tent body: 269.1mm high

Open: 1816.3mm

Mounting hardware: 40mm

Inside rails: 1060mm

Overall height (inc roof rack): 351.6mm

Weight: 86kg (inc mattress)

The Boss standard inclusions: 

  • High quality Inner spring mattress 

  • Set up and pack up is achievable from rear tailgate or bar - no need too climb into tent for fitment of awning poles, etc. 

  • Interior strip lighting

  • Aeromesh underlay

  • Floor and roof insulation

  • Slide in outriggers

  • Load-bearing roof rack

The Tent has enough forward space to add a solar panel up to 160W - and still carry equipment on the rack provided.

Check this out …

Download the PDF document to view in more detailed information regarding this tent's specifications.

Boss Tent pricing options: $7200

Base Tent includes: 

  • Aeromesh mattress underlay (prevents moisture buid up under mattresses) 

  • Roof rack with two roof rails

  • Dimable/Multi colored LED lighting kit installed

  • 12 Volt socket installed

  • Premium inner spring mattress

  • Freight to Tough Touring Braeside ready for fitting. 

Add ons:

  • Additional factory solar can be added - 100w Slimline panel - fitted with cross-airflow ribbing underneath to keep the panel cool and performing at optimum - cabling is mounted to a red anderson out: $990 (for solar kit fitted)

  • Interior Ceframo Sirocco 2 fan mount and wiring as well as internal Ipad mounts can also be optioned: $385 per mount position. 

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