For the truly Adventurous - Light weight, Clearance, and Departure angles become increasingly important.

" The Uev-310 Weighs in at only 600kg and is priced at under $23 grand..."

Click here to view the UEV 310 video clips!

At present we stock: Bundutec Bundutop Delux and KING Delux, Bundutec FLIP, Eezy Awn Stealth, The Bush Company RTT, Moremi Hard Shell RTT - Most of these tents are available to climb into and have a look at by appointment.
Were now stocking 'The Bush Company' Clamshell Hard Shell Roof Top Tent.

The tent has integraded rack built into the base which is a first in the hard shell tent market... The base allows simple fitting by allowing roof rack feet to bolt directly to the tent - so no need for existing roof racks. The Tent itself is a very low profile design and performs very well in windy conditions.
Below are videos of Various Hard Shell roof top tents that we test - then supply and Fit. We've tried to cover various aspects of the tents honestly - pointing out some of the things you just can't see in the usual promo videos. All Hardshell roof top tents have the enormous benefit of not having to climb over them to put on a cover - but other major benefits are: Bedding can be left inside, Solar power can be left permanently attached, Awnings can be fitted to the tent, Roof storage is always there, set up and pack down is fast and light weight, Personal security is far better than on the ground, Wind affects them less than soft tops, access is usually 3 or 4 sides.

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