For the truly Adventurous - Weight of accessories and how fast you can get them up and down start to get really really important.

Its not rocket science - if stuff is hard to use - it just doesn't get used.

These awnings are so quick that comfortable stops with shade are no hassle.

(Or you could park under a tree)

( but trees are not very good if its raining ) -

I usually have a few of these in Stock at the Factory in Moorabin. Come and see for yourself. There is one on my car at all times.

Proudly stocking Bundutec awnings and Hard Shell Electric Roof top tents .

Bundutop Delux Electric Roof tent 73Kgs and Priced from $4790 Inc Freight and GST to Melbourne. They are now available in Powdercoated finish ($200 Extra)

Additional info on our Awning mounting brackets and ladder mount upgrades are here - -

For remote area travel - there is no doubt that some of the best awnings and roof tents money can buy have to come from Bundutec.
We have fitted many of these tents now and the roof dimensions can handle up to 330w of solar panel.

By request - Bundutec is now offering a 1600mm Wide version - suitable for trailers and wider vehicles. Its dimensions are 2100mm Long, 1600mm wide and 320mm high. The increased width makes the interior wide enough to fit a standard queen size matress! A massive 500w of solar panel is expected to fit this tent.

Pricing on the Wider version (1600) tent is $5995 including freight.

Bundu Half Wing - 2.4m "Half Wing" shaped awning - 2 Sided - $1299

The Video below shows this awning - mounted on my own Discovery 2. It is so fast to set up and pack up that we use it even for quick lunch stops etc. It was the only awning still up in strong wind on our last trip to S.A. The 79 Series guy (Simo) with chinese awnings purchased a Bundu Awn '3 sided as soon as we got home... ( Set up pack down Videos to follow for that one.)

Bundutop 1600 (KING) painted in Raptor black finish

Bundutec Bundu 360 Double sided wing awning (Pole - less picture here... This awning is the ultimate in coverage - covering almost 19sqm - and still maintaning respectable water run-off and strenth in wind - its light weight defies its application. We've set up and pulled these down now hundreds of times and were down to around 1 minute to put it up - 2 and a half to pack it away. Not as fast as the half wing - but more than double the coverage. ) 2.45m Version is $1399 and the 2.95m version is $1499 - There are also a few variations available - (Square back on one end, and a version called the 'L' which has the wrap around at the front missing. ) The variations are not self supporting and thus need poles. Pricing on the variants are $1499. (All Prices include freight) -


Bundutop 1600 Tent above fitted on a Mazda BT 50 - Solar is also fitted.